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Post by azoth on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:59 am

Name: Freezing Wind
Description: This only has one weaknesses, heat. It disspeals the cold wind, which forces it up. Azoth can hold it/move it up to 20 meters.(What can it do, what are the weaknesses, how long are you able to hold it?)

Apperance: Azoth looks normal.

Name: Wind Cutter
Description: Azoth makes some air hard, and he is able to move it using more air. The now solid air can be used as a blade. The blade can't cut through steel or blood, but it can cut through weaker stuff, like wood. This has one weakness, Azoth can only take two slashes before having to wait for 10 seconds. Azoth is trying to work that out, he can do it fast, but the blade is small. Azoth is also trying to work so he can have more than one blade at the same time.

Apperance: Azoth's left eye turns white..

Name: Sealed Air
Description: Azoth seals the target in a high pessured dome. Inside the dome, it's hard to breath. It can't kill vampire, only slowly them down, but it can kill humans. Everything in the dome can't move all that well, but if something go out of the dome, like a rubberband, snaps forwards quickly. Azoth can't hold it for long, because his head starts to hurt really badly.
Looks: Both of Azoth's eyes go white.

Name: Air Shield
Description: Azoth makes air around him dense with pressure. The dense air becomes a shield around Azoth's body. It won't stop anything, but it will slow everything down. The dense air shield carries the force from the impact over. In other words, if Azoth got shot with a shotgun, he would feel all of force from the gun, but won't be all that hurt. Azoth can hold the shield for three post, but then has to wait one.
Looks: Azoth's right eye turns white..

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