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Azoth White

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Azoth White Empty Azoth White

Post by azoth on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:54 am

Name: Azoth White

Actual Age:57

Physical Age: looks 17

Race: Pureblood Vampire

Job/what they do: Night student

Rank:LAV,(What Rank your in. Please combine abbreviations or words together as needed. For vampires, rank from A-E for now. Also to keep form any future confusion, no there are no level E purebloods.
List of abbreviations and words:


Freshman Student [FS] - A human student who is in their first year of attending Cross Academy.

Sophomore Student [sS] - A human student who is in their second year of attending Cross Academy.

Junior Student [JS] - A human student who is in their third year of attending Cross Academy.

Senior Student [SS] - A human student who is in their fourth year of attending Cross Academy.

Cross Academy Falculty [CAF] - A human who either runs Cross Academy, teaches the students at Cross Academy, or helps with maintenance of Cross Academy.

Vampire Hunter

Tamed Vampire Hunter [TVH] - A Level D Vampire who has been tamed by the Vampire Hunter's Association. Their ability to handle vampires varies depending on how well they can fight vampires.

In-Training Vampire Hunter [ITVH] - A young hunter who is just learning about vampires and what a hunter does. These are typically children of hunters or hunters who are being "made" not "born".

Beginning Vampire Hunter [BVH] - A hunter who is somewhat knowledgeable about vampires, how to fight them, and dispatch them; however, they have yet to actually face any particularly dangerous vampires.

Apprenticed Vampire Hunter [AVH] - A hunter who is somewhat experienced at handling vampires. They can handle most vampires on their own; however, when facing large numbers of vampires or power vampires they may be inexperienced or need back up. They typically have a personal teacher that accompanies them and helps them dispatch vampires until their teacher deems them capable of handling vampires on their own.

Vampire Hunter [VH] - A hunter who has had much experience at handling vampires and is deemed capable of teaching other Hunters how to properly deal with vampires or help them polish their skills. They can handle vampires on their own with relative ease and can even be a match for high leveled vampires.

Master Vampire Hunter [MVH] - A hunter who has had a lot of experience with vampires. They tend to hold positions of power within the VHA, see to it that hunters exist, keep the hunters in check, and give other hunters notices of dangerous vampires in the area, or order hunters to take out various vampires when they become too powerful or dangerous. They are rarely very active as they typically only take care of extremely powerful vampires.


Level E Vampire [LEV] - Ex Humans who are on the VHA's hit list due to their unstable state. EVs have an uncontrolable blood lust and can barely be called human beings.

Level D Vampire [LDV] - Ex Humans who are somewhat stable and bound to their creator, but will become EVs unless they take their creator's blood or tamed by the VHA (though the process will only be delayed).

Level C Vampire [LCV] - Regular vampires who have a lot of human blood in them and do not have very strong powers or very many powers. They often carry weapons.

Level B Vampire [LBV] - Noble vampires who have a little human blood in them and have semi-powerful powers and a handful of different powers. Some carry weapons. Most nobles are a part of the COE.

Level A Vampire [LAV] - Royal vampires who have no human blood in them and have very strong powers and a wide range of powers. Very few carry weapons. Due to having to human blood in them, they are more commonly known as Purebloods.

Council of Elder [COE] - A group of vampires that is mostly made up of the nobles. They are responsible for governing the the vampire society. They are still subject to the Purebloods though. The Pureblood Kuran family once lead the COE.

Azoth White AnimeGuy9vampire

personality: Azoth has a dark outlook on life. He is normally alone, or wants to be alone.

Uniqueness: Azoth always has red eyes, not blood red, but red. He normally chews on random things when he has nothing to do. He cuts classes to spend time on the roof, no matter how steep it is.

Biography: Azoth was born 50 years ago. He grew quickly, so when he was 15, he was fully grown. Azoth’s parents didn’t spend much time with him, they were away, leaving Azoth to be taken care of by his personal maid, Ri(Re). Ri was once a human, but Azoth’s mom found her when Azoth was 5, and Ri was 4. Azoth’s mom made Azoth turn Ri into a vampire, and then made Ri drink Azoth’s blood. Azoth and Ri didn’t have a Master/Maid relationship, it was more or less best friends, a childhood friend in other words. To Azoth’s pain, Ri keeps referring to Azoth as ’Master’. When Azoth was 55, his parents died one fateful day, that Azoth will never forget. Azoth, don't go to far! a motherly voice shouted after a younger version of Azoth. Yes mom! Come on, Ri! said Azoth, first at his mom then at the girl next to him, as he started to run through the woods, picking up speed. Ri started to chase after him. Wait up Azoth! You know I'm not as fast as you! Ri called after him. Azoth stopped and started to climb a tree. Azoth! Get down! You might fall! Ri called up the tree in a worried voice when she got to the tree Azoth was climbing. Ok, fine, but you'll have to race me back when I get down. Azoth said as he started to climb down laughing. His laughter was cut short as a flock of bird started to fly up, and away from his home. Azoth and Ri, wondering what happened to scare the birds, started to head back. When they got back, the sun was starting to set. When they walked inside, they both saw Azoth's mother and fater lieing dead. Azoth went wide eyed at the sight, and Ri would of screamed, but all she couldn't get it out. Azoth fell to his knees and started to sob over his dead parents. Why..... he started to say inbetween sobs. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE? Azoth screamed upwards at the top of his lungs. Azoth started to breath hard as he fell over sideways and slowly went to sleep, mumbling "why?" over and over again. After Azoth's mental state became stable again, Ri and he, soon found the Cross Academy, and started to go there as night students.

Rp sample: Azoth was sitting in the corner while Ri was sitting up front one night during class. The answer is; m= 5/9 times 9x. said Ri when the teacher called on her. Azoth gave a sigh, and looked out the window, staring at the full moon. “Azoth! Would you like to answer question #43?” ask the teacher, almost yelling. y=x/3.00532 Azoth replied, sighing and still staring at the moon. The teacher sighed. “Sorry, but that wrong, anyone else care to answer…… Ah, Ri, please answer the question.” the teacher said, before Azoth started to tune everyone out.

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Azoth White Empty Re: Azoth White

Post by Yukihoshi on Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:41 am

took other app out of edit section which it was unlocked in and you should've been able to edit it there


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