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Post by Yukihoshi on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:51 am

Any accounts that I, Yukihoshi or other staff members see posting nonsense advertisement spam and nothing but that. Shall be banned without any warning.
ESPECIALLY if it is posted in a place that it is not meant to be.

Yukihoshi wrote:The Rules

You are expected to know the rules and stay updated on them. So the old excuse of "I didn't know it was a rule" is not acceptable.

General Rules


    The overall site rating is PG - 13. As such, there should be no X Rated stuff in public threads, signatures, or avatars. This includes pictures, videos, and writings. As such, try not to cuss a lot or use a lot of racial words. You can do it, but if you overdo it, the staff will be forced to ban any cursing at all. And of course no sexual harassment or cybering, either in character, out of character, on the chatbox, or through Private Messages. For more mature items, please refer to the staff first, asking for permission be it for a RP, image, or video. Do note that Yaoi/Yuri is allowed, but at a mild level.


    Your character may be disrespectful in nature, but outside of RPs, you need to show respect not only to the staff, but to other members as well. So don't excessively put down anyone or flame them. If you're really going to fight it out, create your own topic or PM each other instead of bringing it to the CB or other people's threads.


    There is to be one account per person. Please remember that you should not give out your password to anyone other than yourself. If you have other siblings that interested in RPing, but you all have to share the same PC, please tell the staff in order to prevent confusion. (And if you're going to lie about this... remember that one can only have so many siblings before it gets unbelievable and that everyone RPs differently.)


    You can only advertise other sites if you have posted at least 20 times. When advertising, do not advertise the same site twice or do it through PMs. Only advertise other sites through the Advertising Section. And do not advertise mature sites without warning members first, nor should you advertise sites that are full of viruses or any similar items.


    When making new topics, try to title it accordingly to subject at hand (unless you're in the spam section because it really doesn't matter there). And if you want to give people more information about your topic put it in the description, but keep it brief. Things to include in descriptions might be stuff like "Private", or "Open to -blank- only", or "Contains Mature Content", or "May become extremely violent", or "Read at your own risk", etc. You don't need to provide a description for every single topic either. The description option is mostly for the Create and Share Zone.


    When posting anywhere on the forum, keep it rated around PG-13 and  refrain from using text speak (I.e. Wat r u? or i <3 u). Try to use proper grammar and type in English so that we can understand you. Also try to refrain from typing one liners as much as possible unless you're in the spam or chat threads, then its okay. And please do not double post.Do not bold, underline, italicize entire posts. Do not make your text size extremely big or small for entire posts, if you need to re-size your whole post only go up or down one size. Do not color your posts in a color that can't be seen, i.e. a black text color on a black background. Do not use a font that is unreadable. Doing any of this will only make your posts harder to read and no one will bother to read it then. They'll only tell you to change it, so save yourself and us the trouble.

Bumping & Spamming & Approval

    Do not spam outside of the Spam Section. (Spamming refers to posting up comments that have nothing to do with the current topic, posting the same things up multiple times for no reason, or just posting when you don't need to.) Do not bump topics in Creation unless it has been at least one day. Doing so will be considered spam. And regarding creations, do not ask the staff to approve your stuff or look at it. They will get to it when they have the time.

Staff Positions

    Do not ask for a position on the staff. Doing so will more than likely just cause the staff not to consider for you the position. When and if the the staff needs more members they will pick them as needed.Also, do not pretend to be a member of the staff. In other words, don't moderate topics or approve stuff just because you think they're right or wrong. Le the staff handle it. If they miss something or you feel that something shouldn't be approved/allowed simply PM them about the problem so that they can take a look at it.

Abuse of Power

    If you should ever happen to feel that a member of the staff is abusing its power or being unfair to you, PM another staff member about it, providing proof. Simply saying "They're abusing their power" isn't going to be helpful or believable unless you can show the staff how they're abusing their power. And if they're being unfair your argument better be more than just "That's unfair. I should be allowed to have this". You'll need to be able to explain why you think you were treated unfairly.

Please do not copy our site. We have worked hard on it. You wouldn't like it either if your work was copied off of and someone just put their name on it. It doesn't matter if you give credit or not. If you want to make your own VK site you should do your own work. After all we didn't copy after anyone else and our work is purely ours.

Creation Rules
Please refer to the rules within the Creation Section.

RPing Rules


    Do not start RPing until your character has been approved. And do not use any powers or weapons until they have been approved. Remember that your character may only be in once place at a time, so until you finish a particular topic don't get involved in another one. (If the person you're RPing with hasn't posted in three days you can post somewhere else.)

Godmodding & Metagaming

    Do not God Mod or Meta Game. Godmodding is when you control another character, whether it be their actions or thoughts. Metagaming is when your character knows everything when they shouldn't. The excuse "Its on their profile page," or "I just know it" doesn't work. Your character has to learn about other characters through RPing.

Autohitting & Autododging

    You can not always hit your opponent in a fight nor can you always dodge everything in a fight. You have to get hit sometimes and you have to miss sometimes. Its all a part of real life and its a part of the virtual world too.

Love & Violence

    If you're going to get intimate with someone, do not go into detail unless you've gotten permission from the staff to make your topic X Rated. And if you do so, in the description for your topic make sure to warn people that it isn't rated PG-13. If you're going to get extremely violent, as in go into complete detail about how gruesome, gory, and bloody things get, ask a staff member for permission first and in your description warn people that its going to get graphic.


    All fights are considered non-lethal unless stated otherwise, so you can not kill another person's character. If a particular topic is going to be lethal (meaning there is potential that someone can die) you must say so in either the topic title or description. If a topic has the potential of death in it, and it states so, you enter and RP there at your own risk. This means two things: one, the other people in the thread can kill you if they do so in a non OP manner; two, if you get attacked do not reply within three days (unless you have a reasonable excuse as to why you could not get on) the attacker can kill your character.


    When your character is killed, they are gone forever. There is no real way your character can come back to life. And when your character dies, make sure to tell the staff so that your character application can moved to the Cemetery Section. And if you kill someone, tell the staff as well, with proof of the kill (so that you aren't just getting rid of other people's characters), so that those applications can be moved to the Cemetery.


    When fighting, you may only use up to two of your powers in that particular fight so choose wisely. You may be able to use more powers as your character becomes stronger. You can do this by participating in Missions. You do not have to use the same powers in every fight unless you want to.
    Example:Jay has the following powers: fire, ice, water, and flight. In one fight he used fire and water. In another fight he used ice and flight. In his third fight he used water and ice. After going on a couple Missions, he was able to use three powers at a time. So in his fourth fight he got to use ice, fire, and flight.

Create and Share Section

  • Follow all the rules on the site.
  • Do not excessively put down others. If you're going to critique someone, give some positive points as well.
  • Only post your own works. Do not take someone else's work and claim that you created it. You can and will be punished if you do so.
  • Don't double post works.
  • For artwork, use spoiler tags for larger images and links for giant images.


  • Follow all the rules on the site.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not ask for moderating powers on the chatbox.
  • Do not post images or videos on the chatbox. Only post the links.
  • Listen to the staff members when they ask for it and be quiet when asked to or when it is obvious the staff is talking about an important matter unless you want to be banned or kicked from the chatbox.

Obey any other rules, guidelines, and templates as posted by members of the staff.

Understand that these rules are set in stone. Please do not try to bend them to your advantage. And dont throw them back at staff in an attempt to make yourself look good...thats annoying >>. The rules are in place to help this site run smoothly, and allows everyone to have fun. As stated above anything that you would need granted, being a level of violence etc. contact staff, and we wil get back to you. Understand that if you are denied thats it, just move on and try again later on another topic or something. Dont go running from one member of staff to the other asking hte same thing, that could lead to a number of problems that we would like to avoid.

Thank you

-VK Staff


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